Libraries’ open access publishing fund includes memberships in PeerJ

In 2010, the MIT Libraries launched an open access publishing fund to reimburse article processing fees of up to $1000 for articles which have been accepted for publication in eligible open-access, peer-reviewed journals. The fund’s purpose is to cover fees when funds from other sources, such as grant funds, are unavailable.

This fall, the fund began supporting memberships in a new and innovative open access journal in the biological and medical sciences, PeerJ. PeerJ is peer-reviewed scholarly journal which emphasizes rapid publication, and focuses on determining “scientific and methodological soundness” rather than on “subjective determinations of ‘impact,’ ‘novelty’ or ‘interest.'” peerJ logo

Its funding model is unique: PeerJ has a lifetime membership model. Once an author is a member, the author can publish for free, at a frequency based on the level of membership:

Basic (which allows a Member to publish once per year, for life); Enhanced (which allows a Member to publish twice per year, for life); and Investigator (which allows a Member to publish an unlimited number of articles per year, for life).

The Libraries’ open access fund will support PeerJ memberships at the Basic or Enhanced level. To apply, please provide details about your article through the open access fund application form.

More information:

If you have any questions about eligibility for or use of the fund, please contact Ellen Finnie Duranceau, Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing & Licensing, MIT Libraries.