Your ideas at work: survey results & user studies

Lightbulb made out of the alphabet

Photo by adihrespati. Ideas never run out. Kampungsawah, Jakarta. March 16, 2010. Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Did you respond to the MIT Libraries survey last October? Have you ever participated in a library usability test? What ever happened to your great ideas and input?

Your input is a critical element in how we shape improvements and the future of the Libraries. We use the results of these various forms of feedback to examine our physical and virtual library services, consider possible improvements, and implement solutions where possible. The MIT Libraries Assessment Program looks at the results of surveys, usability tests, and user studies to determine how we can best serve you.

Curious about past survey results? Take a look at the survey findings. We’ll add more about usability test results in the future.

We value your feedback in surveys, but we’re always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can improve library services. Tell Us!