Lewis Music Library to host Classical Music Hackathon

Combining classical music with breakthrough technology

DJing at a Glance: The History of BeatboxingThis weekend, students from MIT and other universities in music, computer sciences, and other fields will gather in the Lewis Music Library for the Karajan/MIT Classical Music Hackathon. Designed to combine the greatest classical music from the past with breakthrough technology of the present, the hackathon invites participants to build tools to allow innovative, digital experiences of classical repertoire. The event, held October 21-23, is open to engineers, musicians, and everyone in between with an interest in hacking the classics.

Topics include Performance Data/Score Alignment; Machine Learning for Composition/Analysis; Interactive Music Notation/Musicology; and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Meta-Data.

The hackathon begins with workshops Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and hacking begins Saturday afternoon and continues overnight. Sunday’s activities include presentations of hacks. For more information and to register, visit classicalmusichackday.org