Learn about Genome Sequence Analysis tools

Learn how to find information in bioinformatics in this hands-on session. Attendees should have a basic familiarity with the life sciences but limited exposure to bioinformatics. The session will consist of a 1-hour lecture followed by a 1-hour hands-on exercise.

Presented by Charlie Whittaker, Research Scientist, MIT Center for Cancer Research.

Introduction to Genome Sequence Analysis
Tuesday, November 15: 1-3pm
14N-132: Digital Instruction Resource Center

Become familiar with accessing, visualizing and interpreting genomic data. The UCSC genome database and browser will be used to perform sequence, text and coordinate-based queries. View and interpret the results and download the data for use in other applications. In addition, an introduction to other useful genomics resources (Ensembl, NCBI and JGI) will be provided.

Advanced registration is required. Please register by emailing elworthi@mit.edu.

Sponsored by the MIT Science Library.

Also recommended: Introduction to Protein Sequence Analysis – November 17, 1-3pm