Institute Archives collection appears in the New York Times

Archives/Libraries logoThe Institute Archives and Special Collections was featured on June 21 in an Opinionator Blog by Errol Morris in the New York Times in a 5-part series titled “Did My Brother Invent E-Mail With Tom Van Vleck?” Alternating family history with interviews with MIT scientists and engineers, Morris tells a fascinating and moving story about the intersection of his family and the exciting evolution of computing at MIT in the 1960s. Part 3, headed “Room 14N-118” (the MIT address of the Archives), describes his search in the records of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science (collection AC 282), where his brother was working on Project MAC.  He observes the  fragility of the historical record of our activities, and talks with Jerry Saltzer (MIT professor emeritus) about the changing nature of writing and disseminating information.