H4ckademic jam session: tips & tricks for working on mobile tablets

mobile tabletsDo you own an iPad, Surface, Android tablet, or other mobile tablet and use it for your work at MIT?  Join us for free dinner & share your tips & work-arounds for working on your device!

h4ckademic jam session: best apps for managing your academic workflows
Thursday, January 31, 4-7pm
Bring a mobile tablet.

h4ckademic, a project of the Harvard Library Lab, is exploring & developing academic workflows using apps on mobile tablets. You’re invited to join a jam session at MIT!

A h4ckademic jam session is a blend of many things–part app-athon, part design squad, part discovery zone–but essentially it’s hanging out to riff on mutual app experiences to create something new & cool.  So that’s the idea–bring together students who use tablets and develop cool workflows using apps to get their academic stuff done. Anything from capturing, collecting & organizing electronic academic content to reading, annotating & note-taking.

These jam sessions will surface the best of the best in academic workflows & will contribute to a baseline of options that will be showcased in an online app gallery. The online app gallery will be a tool for new students, new mobile users or anyone who wants to expand their app use to see apps that are being used, how they are being used & what might work best for them.

What will you do at the jam session?

  • Meet other tablet users
  • See folks demo their academic workflows on their mobile tablets
  • Break out in design squads to define, refine, & demo a workflow for inclusion in the online gallery
  • Contribute to a tool that will help students across campus
  • Eat (yep, dinner’s provided!)
  • Have fun!

Sign up & learn more.

Can’t make the session, but want to share your h4ck? Use the form to give us a list of the apps you use to manage your academic workflow.

Questions? Contact Carol Kentner, 617-496-4799, carol_kentner@gse.harvard.edu

Advance sign-up required.