Gift CDs in the Lewis Music Library

The Lewis Music Library recently accepted a gift of over 100 CDs from Michèle Oshima, Director of Student and Artist-in-Residence Programs of the MIT Office of the Arts. They include recent classical, jazz, popular and world music discs. Some examples are below.

Click on an image to see the Barton catalog record:

CSS (Musical group).
Cansei de ser sexy.
PhonCD F G5400.C773
Feldman, Mark.
What exit.
PhonCD J F333 what
Mountain Goats
Mountain Goats (Musical
group). Get lonely.
PhonCD P M864 ge
Oliveros, Pauline.
The roots of the moment.
PhonCD Ol4 root
Perkins, Dudley.
PhonCD P P419 exp
Roots Tonic
Roots Tonic (Musical group).
Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell.
PhonCD P R6793 bill
Röyksopp (Musical group).
Röyksopp’s night out: live EP.
PhonCD P R815 night
Alice Smith
Smith, Alice, musician.
For lovers, dreamers & me.
PhonCD P Sm515 for
Solal, Martial.
Rue de Seine.
PhonCD J So415 rue

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