Art + Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon

Work on articles about comics, graphic novels, zines, and more

Event date March 11, 2017 11am - 4pm

Photo: Gkuriger

Join MIT librarians, archivists, and Wikipedians in celebrating art and feminism. Art + Feminism is a global initiative made up of “students, librarians, professors, artists, art workers, and art lovers” who meaningfully enhance “the body of knowledge available about feminism and the arts on Wikipedia.” The MIT Libraries and community are a part of this project, and this year we are hosting an Art + Feminism event on Saturday, March 11.

Our theme focuses on the art of comics, graphic novels, and zines, but participants are welcome to work on any topic related to art and feminism. No experience editing Wikipedia is required; we will offer Wikipedia training, and experienced Wikipedians will be on hand for one-on-one help. The event will also feature hands-on creative activities, including zine making and basic cartooning.

Location: Building 14-132 (DIRC)
RSVP on the Wikipedia Meetup page or via EventBrite.