Exhibit in Rotch Library: Place, Sense, Time: The Summer 2007 Veneto Experience

Place, Sense, Time: The Summer 2007 Veneto Experience
by Najiyah Edun, Shun Kanda, and Mio Uchida
October 22nd – November 16th, 2007, in Rotch Library

‘Space is real for it seems to affect my senses long before my reason. The materiality of my body both coincides with and struggles with the materiality of space. My body carries in itself spatial properties, and spatial determinations…unfolding against the projections of reason, against the absolute Truth’

-Bernard Tschumi

The exhibit aims to present the investigations, journeys and discoveries of eleven students in the Veneto Experience Program during the summer of 2007. The program is month-long architecture course that immerses students in the city of Venice and in the work of Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978), focusing on the intricate and profound relationship between the life-work of Venetian architect and Venice, each embodied in the other.

The exhibit purports to express and embody the heightened visual, acoustic and tactile senses that are stirred by Venice and by Scarpa’s work. It aims to stimulate and enhance visitors’ awareness of their bodily movements in space, enabling people to uncover and rediscover how our body reacts to space and how space and the senses can promote an enhanced perception of the body.