Everybody else loves LibX 2.0. Do you?

Thousands of MIT students, staff, and researchers have downloaded LibX.  6,303 of you, to be exact.  And we’re betting that thousands more will download the new version – LibX 2.0!

What is LibX?

LibX is a browser extension you can download for Firefox and Google Chrome.  LibX will give you easier access to MIT resources from anywhere and help you to:

  1. get access to journals easier and faster, especially from off-campus.
  2. search the Barton catalog, Vera, MIT’s WorldCat, and Google Scholar quicker – they’re only 1 click away from any web page.
  3. find out if books on Amazon (and other popular websites) are available to borrow from MIT Libraries.

What’s new with LibX 2.0?

The beta version of LibX 2.0 has just been released, and it works with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.  The original LibX toolbar has evolved into a simple browser button, so the search bar won’t take up so much space on the screen.  It’s still easy to reload websites through the MIT proxy, and whether you’re on- or off-campus, you’ll be able to get to articles and other content supplied by the MIT Libraries quickly.

How do I get LibX 2.0?

Download the LibX 2.0 beta for Chrome and Firefox. After you download it, LibX will ask you to “select a LibX edition.”  Type “MIT,” select the “MIT Libraries” version, and you’re set!  See more info on installing LibX.

Questions or suggestions?

LibX 2.0 is still a beta, so if you hit any snags or have suggestions, contact betas-lib@mit.edu.

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