Enter the Rotch Mystery Image Contest!


The contest will run for 3 weeks. Each week a new clue in the form of puzzle pieces will be added. Entries may be submitted at any time and you may enter once per week.
If there is more than one correct entry, the winner will be selected by a drawing.
The answer to the puzzle can be found by searching the visual collections at Rotch Library: http://info-libraries.mit.edu/rotch/collections/visual-collections/.
The correct answer must include the artist’s name, title of the work, and where you located the image.
Entries may be made using this form submitted to the box in Rotch Library or in an email to rvc-all@mit.edu.

If you enter between:
FEB 22, 5pm — MARCH 1, 5pm = your CORRECT answer will be worth 3 entries
MARCH 1, 5:01pm–MARCH 8, 5pm = your CORRECT answer will be worth 2 entries
MARCH 8, 5:01pm — MARCH 15th, 5pm = your CORRECT answer will be worth 1 entry

Note: This contest is open to MIT undergraduate and graduate students only. All entries must be submitted by March 15 at 5 pm.