Use ENGnetBASE material in MITx courses

No permission needed for use of 'reasonable portions' based on Libraries' contract

logo crc net baseThe MIT Libraries have signed a contract with Taylor & Francis that allows for use of material from the CRC ENGnetBASE engineering e-book collection in MITx courses without need for permission.

The agreement allows for use of “reasonable portions” of figures, tables, images, illustrations, and other information in MITx courses for educational, scientific, or research purposes — for example in explanation, example, comment, criticism, teaching, research, or analysis.

For questions about using the ENGnetBASE material in an MITx course: Contact the ODL Intellectual Property Team or Lindsey Weeramuni, ODL Intellectual Property Manager, at 617-253-2738.

For questions about library contracts and their relationship to use of licensed material in MITx courses: Contact Ellen Finnie, head, Scholarly Communications & Collections Strategy, or email the Libraries’ copyright team.