Energy announcement made at Hayden Library

Solar panels on top of the Hayden Memorial Library soak up the afternoon sun. Photo by Donna Coveney

On Wednesday May 26th an event was held in the courtyard of Hayden Library to announce the launch of a three year collaboration between MIT and NSTAR Electric aimed at reducing electric energy consumption on campus by 34 million KWHs, which amounts to 15% of the Institute’s annual total electric use.  Remarks were given by Joseph Nolan, NSTAR Senior Vice President of Customer & Corporate Relations; Terry Stone, MIT Executive Vice President and Treasurer; Vladimir Bulovic, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and Jason Jay, doctoral candidate, Sloan School of Management.

Hayden Library was chosen as an ideal location to showcase MIT’s energy efficiency efforts—in 2004 one of the largest solar photovoltaic power installations on campus was mounted on the library’s roof, now additional energy conservation measures are planned for the interior of the library.  Measures include energy efficient lighting retrofits in a number of locations and daylighting controls in the 2nd floor reading room.  Advanced air handling controls will also be installed to accurately measure CO2 and humidity and control outside air intake to optimize energy and comfort, and adjustable speed drives on fan motors will be added to reduce airflow during hours when the library is closed. In a parallel project this summer, the first floor reading room sprinkler, electrical and lighting will be upgraded.

Following the event, small groups were led on tours to Hayden’s 2nd floor reading room and the penthouse mechanical room to view the proposed energy conservation measures.

For more information see MIT News: MIT, NSTAR team up on energy-efficiency program