Easier access to e-resources from off-campus via Touchstone

You may now access licensed library e-resources from off-campus using your Kerberos login, in addition to MIT web certificates, via MIT’s Touchstone.

This is also true for the handful of e-resources that currently require certificates even while on-campus.  This means that you can now use these resources on shared or borrowed computers, where you normally wouldn’t want to install your personal certificates.

Touchstone is single sign-on across MIT applications, so if you have recently used Touchstone to access Your Account in Barton, Stellar Course Management, wikis.mit.edu, or other Touchstone-enabled tools at MIT, then access to the e-resources will be seamless.  Otherwise, Touchstone will prompt you to choose between using MIT web certificates and your Kerberos login.

When off-campus, be sure to use Vera to access these resources, so that Touchstone is properly invoked.

Learn more details, as well as other paths besides Vera that will provide authentication:  Accessing Licensed Electronic Resources

Accessing Licensed Electronic Resources: Off-Campus and On