Discovering the Libraries: Meet the new student blogger!

Hello everyone!


Masada, Israel January 2014

My name is Pritee (Pri) and I’m the new Libraries student blogger. Through my posts I hope to share information about how the Libraries can be helpful to you. This will include everything from rare book collections, to online resources, to the Libraries’ best study spots. It took me far too long to realize how many resources MIT Libraries actually provides, and how relevant they are to me. Three and a half years in, there is still a lot left to be discovered. In my posts I’ll share tips on how to make studying and research a little bit more (gasp) enjoyable.

In case you are wondering who I am…

I’m a course 10 senior (chemical engineering) with a strong interest in energy. I UROPed in protein-based materials but eventually found out that research was not for me. After working at a refinery, I knew that global energy was the field for me. I’m a believer in the possibility of alternative energy to transform society. At the same time, the chemical engineer in me is fascinated with the complex problems of oil & gas and how they can be solved while that transformation occurs. Next year I’ll be taking my love for big problems and strategy to Houston and working in management consulting primarily for energy companies.

On campus, I’ve been involved in the Society of Women Engineers and Leadership Training Institute. I’m also a veteran of the Global Teaching Labs Program through which I’ve taught at high schools in Italy and Israel. I love to travel, visit farmers’ markets, and run along the Charles River.