Discovering the Libraries: Spring break at… the Libraries?

By MIT Libraries’ student blogger, Pri Tembhekar

It’s time for spring break! That may imply running away from stacks of books as fast as possible but consider a stop at the library first. The Libraries, particularly Hayden, has fantastic resources for fun times too.

If you’re staying in Cambridge/Boston:


MIT Libraries MFA member card can be checked out.

Consider bringing a non-MIT friend with you to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). MIT students have free entry but Hayden Library also has passes to allow friends to get in for free. The MFA houses one of the most comprehensive art collections in the world. It offers a taste of almost every kind of fine art- including an ancient Egyptian wing and contemporary art. You can also make a day of it by visiting one of their in-museum restaurants.

If you’re feeling more like a homebody this spring break, you’re in luck. Hayden library offers a selection of movies and TV shows on DVD. For example, if you’d like a legal and convenient way to watch The Wire, consider heading to Hayden.


Second floor of Hayden Library

I always intend to “read more” and “get cultured” to compensate for the deterioration of skills (other than p-setting) while at MIT. However sometimes I don’t know where to begin. The Browsery in Hayden solves this problem. There is an assortment of hand-picked books on display. You can sit on the couches nearby and decide which one you might like to read. If this puts you in the mood to relax and read lightly, you might head over to the rocking chair near the window and pick up a magazine on your way.

If you’re traveling:


Hayden Library houses a range of travel guides.

I love to travel so the guidebooks section of Hayden always draws me in. It has books on a wide range of destinations, both domestic and international. Guidebooks can offer a well-rounded view of a destination, including what regions to book a fun and safe hotel, where to eat, and convenient maps to plan tours. For example, if you’re going to the Caribbean or other popular spring break destinations, Hayden has just the books for you.

If you’re me:

nullI’ll be going to Iceland. I stumbled across this educational gem, a book that hopefully will have no relevance to my spring break.

Happy spring break!