New databases on U.S. law, government and elections

Do research on U.S. history, law, government, or elections?  Then try out these new databases from the MIT Libraries!

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HeinOnline Political Science Research Package (//

Full text legal history collection of image-based documents. Includes world constitutions, treaties, U.S. Supreme Court reports, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Record, presidential papers and resources for researching legislative histories. 1700s – present.

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CQ Press Congress Collection (//

Access resources and data on the U.S. Congress. Includes roll call votes, voting records, legislative histories and analyses.

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CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection (//

View and download historic and current data on voting and elections in the U.S. at the national and state level. Includes analyses of voting behavior, election processes, major and minor political parties, and voter behavior and demographics.  The MIT Libraries’ subscription includes access to the data sets. The site is organized into six categories:

  • Presidential Elections:explanations of the presidential electoral process, analyses and data for historical and modern presidential elections, modern voting behavior, key events and issues, and biographies.
  • Congressional Elections: explanations of the congressional electoral process, including reapportionment and redistricting; data for historical and modern congressional elections; analyses of modern congressional elections; modern voting behavior; modern district profiles; key events and issues; and biographies.
  • Gubernatorial Elections: explanations of the gubernatorial electoral process and data for historical and modern gubernatorial elections.
  • Campaigns and Elections: explores the American system of voting and elections, electoral process and reform, media, interest groups, and the impact of money.
  • Political Parties: party system in America, including party strength and control, and profiles Democratic, Republican, and third parties.
  • Voters and Demographics: covers expansion of voting rights, voter turnout, voting behavior, modern county census data, and modern district profiles.


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