Construction to Begin on Exterior of Barker Library

Exterior repairs to the dome to fix leaks will begin in earnest starting Monday, June 8, from 7am – 3:30pm. Work is expected to last from June through November.

Work from June through September entails replacing the stonework on the stepped part of the dome and chipping/grinding away residual concrete and filled-in spaces. From September to November, there will be repairs on the curved part of the dome.

A super-structure will be built over the dome to protect it from the weather and to allow construction regardless of the forecast. There will also be scaffolding on the 5th floor exterior spaces, with infrequent access needed from within Barker spaces. A construction trailer and crane will also be installed in the space between buildings 13, 12, 10, and 4. The crane will be in heavy use throughout the summer lifting new stone up and removing debris, so access to the doors in that alleyway will be unavailable.

For further history and updates regarding the project, see our ESL renovations blog, visit the Facilities update page, or email us.