Comprehensive Physiology is now online!

Once upon a time when librarians got questions about the human body, they’d walk to the colorful, well-worn, reference volumes of Handbook of Physiology. The Libraries is pleased to announce this venerable source has formed the basis of the new, digital, Comprehensive Physiology, //, and we subscribe!

It begins with more than 30,000 pages from the American Physiological Society’s Handbook, and the plan is to produce 4000 pages each year to update and refresh it. Each major system of the body is included: respiration, circulation, gastrointestinal, nervous and more. Its January 2013 issue covers sleep apnea, animal locomotion, and the effect of exercise on cognitive abilities. For those in life sciences, neuroscience, or anyone on a physiological quest, we invite you to check this out—now only a click away!