Climate Grand Challenges posters on view at Hayden Library

Interactive display showcases proposed solutions to some of the world's toughest problems

Climate Grand Challenges

Photo: Bearwalk Cinema

With the first-ever Climate Grand Challenges competition, MIT set out to mobilize the Institute’s entire research community around the most difficult unsolved climate problems facing our planet. Launched in 2020, the initial call for ideas yielded nearly 100 proposals from almost 400 MIT faculty, senior researchers, and external collaborators. After an extensive evaluation, 27 finalist teams were invited to develop comprehensive research and innovation plans and in April 2022, MIT named five of them as multi-year flagship projects that will help define a transformative research agenda aimed at delivering high-impact, science-based solutions to the world as quickly as possible. Visit an interactive display on the porch adjacent to the Building 14 Courtyard to learn more about the five flagship and 22 finalist projects and the teams behind them. The display will be on view until early-to-mid-May.