Celebrating 150 Years of MIT History

The MIT Libraries are celebrating MIT150!   Over the next 150 days stay tuned as we open the vaults of the Institute Archives & Special Collections and share an insider’s look into MIT’s unique history.  Here are a few of the many things to check out:

  • Timeline:
    An interactive timeline with images, sound, video, and in-depth information from the MIT Archives allows users to delve into MIT’s rich academic, social, and cultural history.  Learn an interesting fact each day.
  • 150 Years in the Stacks:
    A chronological journey through MIT’s extensive (and unusual) library collections, Every day for 150 days, discover a different publication, one from each year of MIT’s existence. Follow this virtual tour through open stacks and off-site storage areas, into closed-stack rare collections and the vault.  Follow daily on the blog or the Libraries’ Twitter feed.
  • ‘Technology’ Through Time: 150 Years of MIT History Exhibition
    Opening February 4, 2011 in the Maihaugen Gallery, this multimedia exhibition will showcase in words, documents, photos, video and sound, the broad and varied history of MIT.  View original MIT documents and historically significant materials that played a role in making MIT the place it is today.  The exhibit will also feature items from the MIT Museum’s 150 Exhibition, as well as Infinite Histories, video stories of those who have shaped–and been shaped by–MIT.