TAIR brings Arabidopsis Thaliana data to you

Search for genetic and molecular data

Arabidopsis_thaliana_JdP_2013-04-28Many of you will already know the key plant Arabidopsis thaliana, the first plant to have its genome sequenced. But did you know MIT Libraries provides full access to TAIR, The Arabidopsis Information Resource? Use TAIR to search for genetic and molecular data in this popular plant model organism: it contains the complete genome sequence, gene structures, products, and expression, genome maps, markers, and even seed stocks!

Arabidopsis thaliana is so much more than just your typical mustard green or roadside weed. Its importance in various life sciences, medical, plant, environment and agricultural research is shown by the number of hits in some key databases. A search in CAB, a large applied life and agricultural sciences database, produces more than 45,000 results. PubMed, the definitive database for medical and biosciences research, produces more than 56,000 results for the plant.

Want to learn more? TAIR awaits! Contact Courtney Crummett, biosciences librarian, for details.