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Survey findings reveal key preferences in MIT community

Results are in from the most recent MIT Libraries survey, conducted January-February 2015. More than 5,400 MIT community members responded.

Key findings include:

  • Students value librarian involvement in a class, indicating they were able to apply acquired skills to that class (73.8%) and generalize those skills elsewhere (90.1%).
  • The MIT community demonstrates low awareness (below 15%) of the Libraries’ Research Data Management services, yet more than 50% of respondents rate such assistance as important or even essential.
  • More than 80% of the community continue to express a strong preference for journals and conference proceedings in electronic format.
  • Students seek but find it difficult to locate campus spaces where it is OK to be “loud in private,” such as rooms for conducting an interview or making a phone call.
  • Preference for electronic textbooks has edged out print textbooks by 2.6%, 43.9% to 41.3%