Voices from the Community

Appreciation for library spaces and services

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“Dear @mitlibraries staff filling my scan and deliver requests since late Oct., please know that you’ve given me a priceless holiday gift. Writing my dissertation became a lot easier once I was reunited with family…and you’re the reason I can do it.” -graduate student

“I feel like I’ve underutilized MIT Libraries. They’ve been extremely helpful every single time I’ve turned to them. They’re great and amazing and wonderful and I will not stop gushing about how much I love them.” -undergraduate student

“Have you seen the new Hayden Library yet? Oh my god. It looks like the best library I’ve ever been in. It looks like 2050!” -overheard in the Infinite Corridor

“[Hayden] is pretty full, it’s a pretty popular place. I just like to come here… I’m just a fan of the type of energy this place has.” -undergraduate student

“One of the joys of preparing for this class has been decking out the MIT Libraries with key books in Latinx Studies / Anthropology and History of Mexico, Central America, Caribbean. Shout-out to @mitlibraries for their help and for being on top of new acquisitions!” -faculty member