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Dædalus, journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, becomes open access

MIT Press colophonThe MIT Press and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently announced that Dædalus, the Journal of the American Academy, will now be an open-access publication. Years of volumes and hundreds of essays previously behind a paywall have been ungated and made freely available. First published in 1955 and established as a quarterly journal in 1958, Dædalus has addressed a wide and multidisciplinary range of subjects over the years. Topics explored in recent issues include climate change, access to justice, and ethics, technology, and war; the current issue looks at the versatile literary form of the novel. Essays are written by leading scholars and practitioners sharing their expertise and insights across a range of disciplines. A recognized leader in open-access book and journal publishing, the MIT Press has partnered with a wide range of societies, libraries, and foundations to make access to scholarship more open and equitable. To learn more about open access publishing at the MIT Press, visit