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Press Hosts Peer Review Transparency Workshop

A prototype of icons that might indicate to readers the process by which various scholarly objects had been reviewed.

In January 2018, the MIT Press partnered with Amherst College Press to host a critical dialogue on the nature of peer review at the MIT Media Lab and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. With support from The Open Society Foundations, the Press convened scholarly publishers, academic librarians, technology innovators, and thought leaders in scholarly communications for a working meeting to create agreed-upon definitions of how peer review is conducted and opened a dialogue on how to most clearly and efficiently convey to readers how a published work has been reviewed.

In the “fake news” and post-truth eras, transparency, authority, and leadership in this arena are all the more important to maintaining the trust of readers. To learn more about the initiative and view a draft of the report, visit Questions or comments may be sent to

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