Q&A with Heather Yager

Meet the Associate Director, Digital Projects

Heather Yager

Photo: Bryce Vickmark

Q: One of your responsibilities in this role is “to expand the library platform.” What does that mean to you? 

A: To me, expanding the library platform means strengthening the connections between our collections—viewing a key technical report in the context of primary archival sources that document its creation, for example, or linking across domains to retrieve all works associated with a single researcher, regardless of origin. So, in this sense, it means extending our collections toward one another, to discover the threads that connect ideas and people across the breadth of the material held in the Libraries.

Q: How else would you like to see the Libraries build connections? 

A: I envision us expanding the outward reach of our collections, contextualizing objects not only within our own collections, but across global repositories of information in order to surface thematic connections that are independent of domain or publishing status.

Most important, though, will be expanding the scope of possibility for our user communities. I envision us exploring the social function of the library in the context of our digital collections. Our library platform should inspire innovation, invite exploration, and instill excitement in our global community—connect library users not only with the information they are seeking, but with each other.

Q: In your spare time, you like to play the piano and the accordion. Will we see you showing off your skills at the Lewis Music Library sometime soon? 

A: Only if you enjoy polka music!