New faces in the Libraries

Get to know our newest colleagues

“Our new colleagues are arriving at a remarkable time for the MIT Libraries. As I like to say, we do great things, and we have fun doing them.” -Chris Bourg


Tina ChanTina Chan / May ’16
Reference Services Program Manager and Social Sciences Librarian
What do you do? I collaborate with colleagues in the interdisciplinary areas of energy and the environment, as well as provide research assistance for the Dewey and Rotch libraries.
Fun fact about yourself:
 I write book reviews for Library Journal and Children’s Literature and have written for a few others.




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Christina Fanciullo / May ’16
Resource Sharing Specialist
What do you do? I help bring MIT’s resources to the world!
Fun fact about yourself: I do a pretty convincing bird call.




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Mohammed El Ouirdi / April ’16
Head, Technology Systems and Support Services
What do you do? I oversee the Libraries’ technology infrastructure, enterprise systems, metadata services, and staff technology.
Fun fact about yourself: I have a fascination for languages, and I’ve studied many over the years. I am fluent in four languages so far.




Hannah Piecuch copyHannah Piecuch / April ’16
Marketing and Communications Assistant
What do you do? I support marketing by producing materials such as postcards, posters, and displays, drafting newsletters, and handling administrative tasks.
Fun fact about yourself: I have an MFA in fiction writing.




Angela Servello copyAngela Servello / April ’16
What do you do? I provide administrative support for development events, campaigns, and donor stewardship within the Libraries.
Fun fact about yourself: I’m an aspiring polyglot and have been teaching Spanish for 10 years.