Digital Sustainability Lab Opens

illustration of Digital SustainabilityOn July 1, MIT Libraries launched the Digital Sustainability Lab, a collaboration of the Curation and Preservation Services and Institute Archives and Special Collections departments. Funding to create the Lab was donated to expand the capacity of the Libraries to manage its growing digital collections and to attract additional funding to these efforts.

The Lab, which is physically located in the Hayden Library, will continually seek solutions to the challenges of providing long-term access to the range of digital content in the Libraries’ collections. Everything about the Lab is exploratory, including the process to identify and assess a starter set of software, hardware, and workstations to support the research. Sample activities already underway include installing and evaluating relevant software tools; determining the utility of digital forensics techniques for current practice; and developing and testing workflows for new kinds of digital content. Lab results will be implemented locally and disseminated broadly.

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