How to avoid overdue fines this semester

Everything you need to know about renewing and returning your library books


bookdropThe beginning of the semester is approaching, which means the time for classwork and research is upon us. As such, you’ll probably be needing to use the Libraries. We’ve got you covered with databases, journals, textbooks, and ebooks, plus DVDs, CDs, graphic novels, and other things you might want to use when you need a mental break!

If you’re checking out physical books, be sure to return them to us on time to avoid any late charges and that your fellow classmates have a chance to use those books as well. Don’t worry though — we’ll email you a reminder when your due date is approaching. We’ll also email you when your books have been automatically renewed. If another patron requests a book that you have checked out, however, your book will not be automatically renewed. You’ll get an email from us asking that you return it by a certain date.

You can return MIT Libraries books to any library on campus, regardless of the library that you checked it out from. If the library is closed, you can use the overnight bookdrops, which are located at every library, except for the Lewis Music Library and the Library Storage Annex. There is also a dropbox in the Stata Center at the Libraries’ Information Intersection. The Stata Center bookdrop is emptied once a day, each morning. Returned books found in that dropbox from the previous night will be backdated upon check-in to reflect the actual date that the book was returned (i.e. no fines will be applied to your account).

For more information about renewing and returning library books, be sure to check out our FAQ page.