Archnet celebrates UN World Day for Cultural Diversity

Yu Aw Synagogue

© Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

May 21 is the World Day for Cultural Diversity, established by Resolution 54/249 of the UN General Assembly in 2002. In a statement posted on the UNESCO web site, the organization’s Director-General states:

“Our cultural diversity is the common heritage of humanity. It is a source of renewal of ideas and societies, through which we open up to others and craft new ways of thinking. This diversity provides opportunities for peace and sustainable development.”

The day is intended to highlight the importance of cultural diversity to promoting peace and development, to encourage people to create and take advantage of opportunities to deep their knowledge of other cultures and of the the values of diversity, and engaging people around the world to “Do One Thing to support Cultural Diversity and Inclusion“.  The Aga Khan Documentation Center is marking the day with an Archnet update focusing on the diversity within and across Muslim societies. Among the highlighted resources is a mosque in China, a synagogue in Afghanistan,  and an article on social justice for the disabled. Visit for more.