Archnet celebrates World Science Day for Peace and Development

Virtual exhibiton highlights resources related to UNESCO's 2015 theme, “Science for a Sustainable Future"

WSD-ArchnetWorld Science Day for Peace and Development, established in 2001 by UNESCO, is celebrated worldwide on 10 November each year. Archnet is marking the day with a special site update this is currently available. It includes the launch of a temporary exhibition, “Science for Peace and Development”, that highlights resources related to the day and the 2015 theme of “Science for a Sustainable Future”.

Curated by Michael A. Toler, Archnet Content Manager (AKDC@MIT), the exhibition assembles a selection of resources highlighting the science and engineering necessary for innovation in the built environment. The exhibition also considers the role of architecture and design in creating the spaces in which scientific research and study is conducted, as well as the facilities through which the benefits achieved through such are brought to bear on the lives of the general public.

This exhibition is a representative sample of the material available in Archnet. We invite you to continue exploring on your own, and to contact us with comments or suggestions.