6 best ways to access library resources anytime & anywhere

The holiday season is upon us, and that means many of you will be working on projects & assignments as you travel. These 6 tips will help you make library research easier whether you’re on-campus or jet-setting around the world:
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Tom Maglieri. "Suitcase." 8/25/09. Flickr.

1. Go Mobile
Get popular library services on your smart phone through MIT Mobile Web, iPhone app, or Android app!  Search for, request, and renew books; manage Your Account; ask questions and so much more.

2. Take us anywhere
Access electronic licensed library resources from just off campus, or the far corners of the globe.

3. Make it easy
Get seamless access to journal articles by downloading LibX or by adding MIT to your Google Scholar library link settings.

4. Can’t find it at MIT?
Get almost any book or article in existence!

5. Help yourself
Discover our comprehensive list of resources by topic. From Aeronautics to Zotero, these resources gather all different information sources on one topic in one place for you! Find the best tools for market research or compare different citation management tools.

6. Stay connected
Set up RSS feeds and email alerts to help you find out about new literature in your research field. Or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.