Open Access Week Event: A Conversation With Peter Suber and Richard Holton

Please join us for a lively discussion about open access and its importance for scholarship and research at MIT and beyond, with panelists Peter Suber, author of the recently released MIT Press book Open Access, and Richard Holton, MIT professor of
Philosophy and Chair of the MIT Faculty Open Access Working Group.

The panelists, both professors of Philosophy, will respond to questions from the audience and from moderator Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries.

Richard Holton is Department Head and Professor of Philosophy at MIT. He wrote in the Faculty Newsletter about the importance of the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy and is chairing the new MIT Faculty Open Access Working Group, a subcommittee of the Faculty Committee on the Library System. His current work is primarily in moral psychology, ethics, and the philosophy of law.

Peter Suber, considered the key chronicler and de facto leader of the worldwide Open Access movement, is a Faculty Fellow at Harvard, Senior Researcher at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, and Research Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College. One reviewer called Suber’s book “very important” and said it was a “must read for all scholars and researchers who publish their own work or consult the peer-reviewed published work of others ––in other words, virtually all academics….”

The session will be held Wednesday, October 24, from 4-5 pm, in Room E25-111.

A reception sponsored by the MIT Libraries and MIT Press will follow.

This event is timed to coincide with Global Open Access Week, an annual event that aims to raise awareness about the need to remove barriers to accessing research.