Open access downloads: April 2017

Statistics from the OA collection of DSpace@MIT

OA infographic - April 2017The Open Access Collection of DSpace@MIT houses scholarly articles by MIT-affiliated authors made available through open access policies at MIT, or publisher agreements.

Each month we highlight the month’s download numbers and a few of the most-downloaded articles in the collection. And we feature stats and comments from a particular country.

See your own download statistics or those of a particular MIT department, lab, or center, or find more reader comments and global statistics.

Top downloaded articles for April:

Lessons from Teachers on Performing HRI Studies with Young Children in Schools, Jacqueline Kory Westlund, Goren Gordon, Samuel Spaulding, Jin Joo Lee, Luke Plummer, Marayna Martinez, Madhurima Das, and Cynthia Breazeal

Ingestible, Controllable, and Degradable Origami Robot for Patching Stomach Wounds, Miyashita Shuhei, Steven Guitron, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Shuguang Li, Dana D. Damian, Daniela Rus

Wait-learning: Leveraging Conversational Dead Time for Second Language Education, Carrie J. Cai, Philip J. Guo, James Glass, Robert C. Miller

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