More Access to M&A Deals through Zephyr

BVD logoBureau van Dijk’s Zephyr database is now available at MIT: // Zephyr provides:

  • summaries and financial details about worldwide corporate mergers & acquisitions
  • transactions such as IPOs, buyouts, and joint ventures
  • private equity and venture capital financing details

How does Zephyr compare with SDC Platinum?

  • Zephyr is web-based and requires no software download
  • Zephyr also provides access to more recent deals (no 30-day embargo) and adds more deals each year
  • SDC Platinum data goes back to 1980s (Zephyr goes back to 2000 (1998 for European deals))
  • The databases can have different coverage so you may want to utilize both

Try out Zephyr and tell us what you think! Send your questions and comments to Alex Caracuzzo (