MIT Open Access Articles – New Collection Supports Faculty Policy

A new collection of scholarly articles by MIT authors is openly available to the world today through MIT’s research repository DSpace@MIT.   The launch of the “MIT Open Access Articles” collection coincides with International Open Access Week to reflect the spirit of an MIT faculty policy established in March 2009.


The policy affirms the faculty’s commitment “to disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible.”

The collection consists of the authors’ final submitted manuscripts.  Published versions may also appear where the publisher’s policy allows for such posting.  Both versions are identified for readers.

MIT authors are encouraged to send their papers to or use a web form for inclusion in the collection.

The MIT Libraries are administering the policy under the guidance of the Faculty Committee on the Library System, and are maintaining a list of publishers who are fully cooperating with the policy.

Questions about publisher policies, the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or the new collection of articles should be directed to

More Information:

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