IAP 2008: Makin’ Bacon! Sustainable Livestock Farming and You!

This workshop is designed for people interested in economic and environmentally sustainable farming. Chestnut Farms is committed to humanely raising great-tasting meat while strengthening connections to the local community. Former educator and livestock farmer Kim Denney and her husband Rich Jakshtis own and operate a 106-acre farm in Hardwick, MA. They raise grass-fed cattle, pastured pigs, lamb and free-range poultry which are pre-sold to CSA members throughout MA. In this workshop, participants will learn the real scoop on creating, running and nurturing a sustainable livestock farm in the Northeast. Animal selection and care, regulatory issues, marketing for profit and perpetuity as well as the humane care and feeding of CSA members will be addressed.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 23, 1 – 3 pm

WHERE: 32-155

Contact Ryan Gray with any questions.