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Note: To get biographical information, MP3s, and PDFs of the transcripts, view the individual interview pages found on the Index of Interviewees.

The search box below will search the transcripts of all the videos and highlight where the term(s) appear in the videos. Phrase searching (with quotes) is available. In the search results, click on any blue segment under each interviewee and scan that part of the transcript to find your search terms.

Examples of subjects covered:

  • Individuals mentioned in the interviews: Ex: Duke Ellington, Igor Stravinsky, Noam Chomsky
  • Topics discussed: Ex: Hungarian folk music, music theory, mathematics, chemical engineering
  • Musical and artistic works: Ex: Beethoven Symphony no.5 in C minor, Salt peanuts, The Incredible Flutist
  • Places, institutions, and events: Ex: Montreal Jazz Festival, Berklee College of Music, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • MIT organizations: Ex: MIT Concert Band, MIT Tech Show, MIT Logarhythms, MIT Symphony Orchestra