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Claude Brenner 11/21/2008

  • MIT Student/Alumni Musicians
  • Conductors
  • Engineering
  • Music & the Arts
  • Science


Title Time
Early years in South Africa, coming to America and MIT 0:00:20
Introduction to music, piano lessons, high school choir, inspiration to become an aeronautical engineer 0:16:57
Aeronautical Engineering Studies at MIT 0:30:09
Editor of the MIT Student Newspaper _The Tech_ 0:48:42
MIT Glee Club 0:54:13
Klaus Liepmann, first Professor of Music at MIT 1:07:54
A cappella singing with the MIT Logarhythms 1:17:41
Humanities at MIT 1:28:41
Music appreciation course, theater, radio, other musical performing groups at MIT 1:41:47

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