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Linda Solow Blotner

Linda Solow Blotner was MIT Music Librarian 1972-1984. She worked to expand the Music Library collection to meet the needs of MIT’s growing music program, especially in chamber music, scholarly editions of scores and books for research. Of particular note was her work as editor of The Boston Composers Project (1983), an extensive bibliography of contemporary music by Boston area composers. Nationally she was active in the Music Library Association, and has served as editor of their journal Notes. From 1987-2007 she was head of The Allen Memorial Library, The Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford.

Duscha Weisskopf

Duscha Weisskopf was the first head of the MIT Music Library when it opened 1949.  At MIT, she worked closely with Klaus Liepmann (first professor of music at MIT) to build the collection to meet the needs of both scholars and performers.  She is a historian and amateur singer, and was married to Victor Weissfkopf, noted physicist and accomplished pianist. Her father, “Willi” Whilhelm Schmid, was an important music journalist, viola da gambist, and cellist. He was an important figure in the revival of Renaissance and early Baroque music in Austria and Germany.