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About us

What is MIT Reads?

MIT Reads is an all-MIT reading experience that aims to build community and foster understanding. Our goal is to bring the campus community together through shared reading and discussion. Each year’s selected readings will center on a theme representing an important campus issue or priority.

How are books chosen?

The Libraries will collaborate with campus partners — student or staff groups; departments, labs, or centers; or other administrative units — to select readings and plan discussions. Our current theme is diversity and inclusion, and the selections will reflect the rich diversity of our campus community.

Who can participate?

Discussions are open to all community members — we encourage all MIT students, staff, faculty, and affiliates to join us. The MIT Press Bookstore will be offering steep discounts on all MIT Reads titles to MIT community members.

Who are we?

MIT Reads is sponsored by the MIT Libraries and the MIT Press Bookstore.