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Maihaugen Gallery Exhibit

Quadrupedia: The Animal Kingdom Considered

July 27, 2015 - November 30, 2015

Humans interact with animals in many different ways. We see some as friends, others as mortal threats. Animals plow our land, pull our wagons, feed us and clothe us. They serve as mascots for sports teams and institutions. Animals orbited the earth before we did, and were the very first hot-air balloon passengers as well.

“Quadrupedia: The Animal Kingdom Considered” looks at the complicated relationships between humans and animals – quadrupeds in particular – as reflected in the MIT Libraries’ rare book collections. Classic works by Linnaeus and Cuvier will be on display, along with Audubon prints and a book with a very unusual binding. Cows, Caliban, a unicorn and, yes, beavers are included.