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Rotch Library Exhibit

Images from a future without proper care

Work by Georgina Lewis

December 11, 2017 - January 19, 2018

Treeness. They paint dead tree stumps orange (and also pink). They being some type of public works department and sometimes the trees were already dead and others newly rendered so by their cutting. I noticed this about a year and a half ago and started documenting my finds. Trees are our lifeblood. In 1971, in an act of optimism and curiosity Stuart Roosa flew hundreds of seeds into space with Apollo 14; they were subsequently germinated and planted. In 2017 the US dropped out of the Paris accord. Our lifeblood is thinning.

Included are a variety of images and investigations: graphite rubbings of tree trunks (see also “grave rubbings”), images of those brilliant sylvan corpses, and others of wood “artifacts” photographed like precious museum objects. Think of them as material enquiries or maybe images from a future bereft of too much nature.