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Rotch Library Exhibit

Media + Modes

Architecture and Design Undergraduate Student Work

April 12, 2018 - June 10, 2018

The 2018 Architecture & Design Undergraduate Student Work Exhibit gives prospective students a visual sense of the types of classes and the variety of work they might encounter in the pursuit of an education in architecture, art, or design at MIT.

MIT’s undergraduate Architecture Major provides both a deep and broad education in the discipline. The program emphasizes the interconnected relationship between architectural design, building technology, computation, and history, theory, and criticism. The revised 4B Major in Art and Design and Minor in Design (D-Minor) provides a hub at MIT where undergraduate students can learn core principles of design in dynamic studio settings, develop a sensibility for visual and physical form, and contribute to new ways of designing that are applicable across a spectrum of fields.

This exhibit traces select artifacts of projects produced by undergraduates in the department through multiple media. Drawings, Images, Models, Objects, Video, and Interfaces. Design practices today contend with media more than ever due to global networks of image sharing and amateur accessibility to rapid prototyping. With this in mind, such an exhibit asserts that architecture is always mediated: architects and designers work through drawings and models that point to the development of a final artifact, yet each of these mode is a tool for thought in itself.

Media and Modes offers a glimpse at the curriculum under such a rubric, offering not only collections of artifacts of a similar type but projects that connect across forms of media itself. Work featured includes foundational studio exercises, semester-long architectural design projects, and interdisciplinary design collaborations.

Exhibition Pamphlet

Exhibit Design: Sam Ghantous, Nicholas Pacula
Photography: Sarah Wagner
Installation: Joey Swerdlin
Special Thanks: Irina Chernyakova, William O’Brien Jr., Paul Pettigrew, J. Meejin Yoon