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Archnet Content Manager invited to participate in “Preserving and conveying memory to foster Alterity.”

Michael Toler, Archnet Content Manager, has been invited to participate in a webinar, “Préserver et transmettre la mémoire pour ancre l’Altérité,” organized by the Ta’aruf Center of the Rabita Mohammedia Al Ulema in Morocco. The event takes place January 25-28,  is part of a continuing dialogue on

“how to resolve a number of tensions which have ossified the dialogue between cultures and religions. The issues around memory – how to preserve it and pass it on to the next generations – seem to be a major challenge for our societies in terms of peacebuilding and encouraging open-mindedness to the notion of alterity.” –

The Fondation Mémoires pour l’Avenir ( FMA), the Archives du Maroc and the US Embassy in Morocco have partnered with the Ta’aruf Center on this event.  Dr. Toler is one of approximately 50 presenters invited to participate in the webinar. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Arabic, English and French.

Dr. Toler will speak on Wednesday, January 27, as part of the panel asking “Comment la transmission d’un patrimoine spirituel et intellectuel peut-elle contribuer à la construction d’une citoyenneté ouverte?” He joins panelists from the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, the Fondation Miftah Essaâd pour le capital immatériel du Maroc, Mohamed V University, the University of Sussex, and the Alliance internationale pour la protection du patrimoine dans les zones en conflit (ALIPH).

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