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Monthly Archives: August 2016

City records and other Archnet enhancements

Archnet has recently implemented city authorities to help users find resources related to specific cities, even if they search using variant spellings, alternate or vernacular names, abbreviations, or even names that are no longer used. For example, users will be able to find records associated with Cairo even if they search on an Arabic transliteration of the name;  records associated with Mumbai even if they search on the former name of Bombay; and records relating to Fez even if they search using the Francophone spelling of Fès. Names in Arabic or other non-Latinate scripts are also included and will display to the user, though it is not yet possible to search using […]

Isfahan (Iran) Urban History Project archives arrive at AKDC@MIT

The Aga Khan Documentation Center has received the Isfahan Urban History Project archive from the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada). The project documents the development of Isfahan, Iran, from the time of the Buyid dynasty (ca. 9th c./4th c. AH). Undertaken by Dr. Lisa Golombek (Curator Emeritus [Islamic Art] Retired, ROM) and Dr. Renata Holod (Professor, and Curator in the Near East Section, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania), the project spanned the 1970s and investigated the early urban nodes of Isfahan  — a city perhaps more known for its monumental architecture and urban planning of the  Safavid […]