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Photo Name MIT Affiliation Music/Professional Work Interview Dates

Dante Anzolini

MIT Associate Professor of Music, 1998-2006; conductor, MIT Symphony Conductor of orchestras in the United States, Latin America, and Europe

John Bavicchi

MIT student, Business and Engineering, 1940-1942 Composer, conductor; Professor of Music, Berklee College of Music

Claude Brenner

MIT B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, 1947; MIT M.S.,1948; sang in the MIT Glee Club and the MIT Logarhythms President, Commonwealth Energy Group Ltd.; active in Council for the Arts at MIT

John Corley

Founding director and conductor of the MIT Concert Band, 1949-1999 Conductor, trumpet player

William Grossman

MIT S.B. 1969 and M.S. 1971 in Computer Science; active in many MIT performing groups Conductor, arranger, editor, and rehearsal pianist for Broadway theater productions in New York