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Photo Name MIT Affiliation Music/Professional Work Interview Dates

Jeanne Bamberger

MIT Professor of Music, 1971-2005 Pianist, Music Theorist

Leo Beranek

MIT Associate Professor of Communications Engineering, 1947-1958 Concert hall acoustical design consultant; partner in BBN Inc.

John Corley

Founding director and conductor of the MIT Concert Band, 1949-1999 Conductor, trumpet player

Stephen Erdely

MIT Professor of Music, 1973-1991 Ethnomusicologist, concert violinist

William Grossman

MIT S.B. 1969 and M.S. 1971 in Computer Science; active in many MIT performing groups Conductor, arranger, editor, and rehearsal pianist for Broadway theater productions in New York

Arnold Judson

MIT B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1947; MIT M.S. Organizational Behavior, 1948; pianist; active in MIT student performing groups Business management consultant; pianist; composer

Samuel Jay Keyser

MIT Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy; played in MIT Concert Jazz Band Linguist, trombonist in area jazz bands

Lionel Kinney

MIT B.S. Civil Engineering, 1953; active in student performing groups Engineer with Caterpiller, Inc; philanthropist for music at MIT
No Photo

Karl Kornacker

MIT B.S. Physics, 1958; MIT Ph.D. Biology, 1962; cellist; played in MITSO Professor at Ohio State University, Division of Sensory Biophysics; semi-professional cellist

Everett Longstreth

Director of MIT Concert Jazz Band, 1968-1995 Band leader, trumpet player, arranger
No Photo

Rajesh Mehta

MIT B.S. Electrical Engineering and Humanities, 1986 Trumpet player

Richard Orr

MIT B.S., 1962; MIT M.S., 1963; MIT Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1973; played in Festival Jazz Ensemble Electrical engineer, jazz trombonist, composer

Herb Pomeroy

Director of MIT Jazz Bands, 1963-1985; founder of the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble Jazz trumpeter and band leader; composer, arranger; Professor at Berklee College College of Music 1955-1995

Jamshied Sharifi

Directed the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, 1985-1992; MIT B.S. Humanities, 1983 Composer, keyboard player, producer, arranger

Claudia Von Canon

MIT Lecturer in Music, 1974-1991 Pianist, harpsichordist, singer, novelist