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SNL Energy: Use restrictions

Please note:

Members of the MIT community may use SNL Energy data for scholarly, research, and educational purposes. For these purposes, limited, insubstantial portions of data may be excerpted and distributed to third parties, but in no event may you distribute data from this source in a quantity or in a manner that would serve as a substitute for purchase of this content. Any electronic distribution shall include a reasonably conspicuous notice as follows: “SOURCE: SNL FINANCIAL LC. CONTAINS COPYRIGHTED AND TRADE SECRET MATERIAL DISTRIBUTED UNDER LICENSE FROM SNL. FOR RECIPIENT’S INTERNAL USE ONLY,” or similar language.

MIT’s contract for this content specifies the following restrictions:

“Authorized users may not:

  1. Copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, publicly display, use or disclose the Licensed Materials in any manner not expressly authorized herein.
  2. Load the Licensed Materials as any networked configuration that permits or enables access to the Licensed Materials by third parties, whether via the Internet, a network or otherwise.
  3. Allow any third parties to access or view the Licensed Materials, except for authorized excerpting and distribution of limited portions as set forth above.
  4. Distribute any interfaces or software programs comprising the Licensed Materials.
  5. Download data from the Licensed Materials with the intent of using such data as a substitute for purchasing a subscription.
  6. Use the Licensed Materials, directly or indirectly, in competition with SNL.
  7. Use the Licensed Materials as a primary source to create and/or maintain any market indexes that it publishes or distributes to third parties.
  8. Create or maintain a database from or using the information or data from the Licensed Materials.
  9. Infringe or misappropriate the Licensed Materials, or take any action inconsistent with SNL’s ownership of and rights in the Licensed Materials.”

Additional restrictions also apply for certain included content:

  • For information from the CUSIP database: you may not “publish or distribute in any medium the CUSIP Database or any information contained therein or summaries or subsets thereof to any person or entity except in connection with the normal clearing and settlement of security transactions.”
  • For Fitch credit ratings: “Reproduction of the Fitch credit ratings in any form is prohibited except with the prior written permission of Fitch.”

Also note: SNL Energy is not intended for use by walk-in visitors of the library who are not affiliated with MIT.